They Can Deny Any Application For Any Crime
No Matter How Old or Class of Charge, I Can Help!

I help people rent in the best apartments possible.  I can find felony friendly apartments. The apartments for those with misdemeanors are very nice. They are as nice as you can afford. There really is little to no difference in apartments that accept misdemeanors and those that don’t. The difference is I know the ones that do so you don’t go wasting your money on the ones that do not accept your charges.

Deferred Felonies

There are certain apartments we will take a Deferred Felony once it is Dismissed and others will take a Deferred Felony once it is Discharged. The status matters.

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Not Guilty Verdicts

Not Guilty Verdicts and Pardons will cause you to be denied at many apartments. But I can help.

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Pending Felony Charges

One of the most time sensitive services I provide is to help you if you have a Pending Charge. Once you have accepted a PLEA, it is too late. So complete a FINDER FORM at once!

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Problems with Pardons

Many apartments will not accept you if you have ever had a felony charge or conviction. If you have a Pardon, I can help you.

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Felony Convictions

The Apartments pay me a commission for the leases. I handle all types of felonies, except Sexual Crimes where the person has to Register as a Sex Offender or Murder.

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Simple Misdemeanors

A simple misdemeanor is the lightest misdemeanor in regard to punishment of all the misdemeanors. Even though a simple misdemeanor is not the worst crime a person can be convicted of, it goes on your record and it can get you denied at many apartments.

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Serious Misdemeanors

The more serious misdemeanors are often the most rejected but this doesn’t eliminate you from our services. You have nothing to lose by trying our service because you pay nothing and these apartments are not subpar complexes.

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Complete the application and begin your apartment search today!

Avoid Losing Apartment Application Fees. This service is no cost to you! Select FINDER FORM to start the process.

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