No it isn’t a scam; I’m not asking you for a penny. I just ask that you write my name down at the complexes so they will pay me a commission & call me back so I can bill the Apts for my time I am a Texas Real Estate Agent. Check out my testimonials.

Yes, in most cases, I can find apartments or townhouses that are available from established apartment properties.

My services are FREE to you; the apartment management companies pay my commission. That’s why I require that you “put my name down” at the complexes on all Guest Cards and Applications so I can bill the apartment complexes when you move in. You must agree to call or Email me with your Apt Complex, Unit #, and Move-In date.

No. I could earn more by renting out expensive apartments, but my passion is helping people. That, and the belief that everyone deserves a second chance. I feel that this work is more than a profession, it is a ministry.

I usually work Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 5:30. I work Saturday morning and I take Sunday off. However, if you need me, call me, you might catch me at 832-596-4511. I do take National Holidays off as well.

Fill out the FINDER FORM and I will be in touch via Email or Phone. I will let you know in the event that I can’t help you.

There are many apartment locators in Texas but I am unaware of anyone else who specializes in helping people with criminal charges and convictions.

If the laws in your city allow (you should verify), I can send you a copy via E-mail for a small handling fee. This is much easier and less expensive than driving to the courthouse, parking, paying a fee for each page to be copied.

Only 1 way to find out, complete the FINDER FORM.

The process works. It is for your benefit to follow the steps. I have spent time on your behalf to increase your chances of renting and to minimize your risk of loss of application fees.

The condition of the apartments depends mainly on the location and the price. It is up to you to consider the apartment and I don’t want you to rent at anyplace you don’t like.

I will speak to the complexes on your behalf and discuss the best time for you to go visit. In most cases, you will want to see the manager.

No, I describe the situation and give out only your first name.

I do not want to waste your time visiting (or mine calling) complexes that, in the end, you wouldn’t consider living in.

I try to eliminate as much as the risk that I can but there is a possibility you will be turned down. For that reason, I ask that you run your credit report so we both know what is on it.

My clients have told me they don’t want to hand a leasing agent a business card with “Criminal” on it so I don’t use that website on my card. One more reason is that all my clients are not technically criminals. People with serious misdemeanors and Deferred Adjudications seem to understand that if I can help a Felon, I can also help them. They are right!

No. You will rent under your own name. If you are married or will be renting with another person, both names will be on the lease – as the State of Texas requires.

Texas law requires that every person over the age of 18 be on the lease. If you are “caught” living at a complex where you aren’t on the lease, the apartment has every right to evict you and the leaseholder.

An occupant status is rarely helpful. There are few complexes that offer this status and the Occupant Status requires one person to make all the income (for qualification) and the other to have the issues with Broken Leases and/or Evictions. It will not cover Criminal issues.

It doesn’t work that way. There is no such thing as a complex that will take all felonies. It is a myth. Even the roughest place I know won’t take some classes of felonies or won’t consider a felon until a certain time has passed. I call this “Crime & Time” based apartments.

Yes. It is just that I really know the rules. In fact, I know them as well as many of the leasing agents. Remember, I deal with these cases with the management companies over all of Texas, so I have been exposed to more Criminal Issues than most leasing professionals.

No – that is a myth. Felonies and Misdemeanors are forever.

Complete the FINDER FORM and begin your apartment search today!

Avoid Losing Apartment Application Fees. This service is no cost to you!

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