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They Can Deny Any Application For Any Crime

No Matter The Misdemeanor Class, I Can Help!

I help people rent in the best apartments possible.  The apartments for misdemeanors are very nice. They are as nice as you can afford. There really is little to no difference in apartments that accept misdemeanors and those that don’t. The difference is I know the ones that do so you don’t go wasting your money on the ones that do not accept misdemeanors.

Simple Misdemeanors

A simple misdemeanor is the lightest misdemeanor in regard to punishment of all the misdemeanors. Even though a simple misdemeanor is not the worst crime a person can be convicted of, it goes on your record. Apartment complexes can view this information online and in may situations deny your application, causing you to lose your administrative fees, deposit, or application fees.

Serious Misdemeanors

The more serious misdemeanors are often the most rejected but this doesn’t eliminate you from our services.  You have nothing to lose by trying our service because you pay nothing and these apartments are not subpar complexes.

Take the guesswork out of trying to find an apartment and contact us today.

Deferred Felonies

I know the complexes that are “Deferred friendly” and you can be assured I will help you rent in the best apartments possible. In fact, I know quite a few that allow Deferred Adjudications, which is the Texas terminology, but do not allow an actual Misdemeanor conviction for whatever class of Misdemeanor you have.

I track apartments that accept a DA in all three phases:

  • Deferred Adjudication WHILE ON PROBATION
  • Deferred Adjudication friendly apartments that only take client’s AFTER THE PROBATION HAS ENDED
  • Those apartments that require a period of time, example, 3 YEARS AFTER THE PROBATION HAS ENDED

Not Guilty Verdicts

A NOT GUILTY verdict can still cause you problems in getting an apartment. Some apartment complexes will deny your application even after you have been found not guilty.  They have guidelines that deny anyone ever charged with a crime.

My specialty is understanding all aspects of leasing with criminal issues and nothing makes me happier than helping someone who was found NOT GUILTY in court but GUILTY in the eyes of some complex.

Pending Felony Charges

It’s almost impossible if you have a pending felony charge to find an apartment without professional assistance.  You might be surprised that of the majority of apartment companies in Texas will not accept a Pending Felony Charge. You finding them without risking and losing your application and administration fees is, well, almost impossible.

The burden you are carrying is great enough. You don’t have to be buried by apartment application fees and the stress that goes along with the hunt.  Let us eliminate the denial risk and help get you into the apartment you deserve.

Problems with Pardons

Just because you received A Pardon from the Governor, President, or a Texas Judicial 42.12 Pardon doesn’t stop you from issues. I’ve had clients who received pardons who still have problems renting. Often their frustration is magnified by the complexes inability to override a decline by the background checking agency.

Your life is supposed to be getting back to normal so do not let the apartment complexes ruin your progress.  Let me help you at no cost to you.

Felony Convictions

The Apartments pay me a commission for the leases. I handle all types of felonies, except Sexual Crimes where the person has to Register as a Sex Offender.

The apartment complexes policies are very different from one management company to another and navigating who will work with felons can cost you hundreds in fees.

My goal is to help you rent in the best apartment possible and to treat you with respect and professionalism. I won’t judge you as I’ve made mistakes in my life as well.

Complete the application and begin your apartment search today!

Avoid Losing Apartment Application Fees.

This service is no cost to you!

For a private and confidential conversation directly with John call (832) 303-3002


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My clients recognize me as a professional “criminal issues apartment specialist,” because, unlike most locators, I have handled hundreds of apartment searches for clients with criminal issues and have become proficient in this type of search.