Apartments For Criminal Issues 12 Steps

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12 Steps to Find Your Apartment

Step 1:  Complete the FINDER FORM  (see menu on Left). I need your written approval in order to run your background. Each metro has different requirements which are listed on the Form (different income requirements, times from conviction, etc.).

Step 2:  We will run your background & search for the 2-4 apts that best match your background, income, and other issues.

Step 3:  We will Email you a list of complexes & will TEXT you when the list has been Emailed to you. Typically, if your form is received before 6 pm we will respond the same or next day. (If we can’t assist you, you will be notified you via Email within 24-48 hours – you should check your Spam).

Step 4:  You will pick and rank your top 2 apartments (drive by without stopping) or by viewing the complexes on-line. If an apartment complex is not interesting to you then we keep looking!

Step 5:  You will Email with your top 2 picks & approximate move-in date and floor preference & other needs. Allow 2 days for me to contact the manager.

Step 6:  Because apartments change their criminal policies frequently, we will make a preliminary call to the complex for you. We will provide the results of our call with a policy summary, contacts, availability & pricing, etc.

Step 7:  If our note says you CAN NOW GO TO THE APT complex, then you are ready to visit the complex (and begin the Rental Process). Please print the Note & our business card.

Step 8:  You have several documents to complete: Guest Card, Application, and Lease. All forms must identify JOHN AT 24×7 APT FIND 832-596-4511 as your referral source. We will not be paid and you won’t qualify for a rebate if you don’t list John in all these forms.

Step 9:  Upon acceptance, you will Email (Email is best because it provides you with proof of notification), be sure to indicate the Complex, Unit # and Move-In Date.

Step 10:  When you Sign your Lease, verify JOHN has been listed as your Referral Source on the lease itself. Then contact John and let him know to bill by Email.

Step 11:  John will bill the complex for the Referral Fee and will notify you that the complex has been billed.

Step 12:  When the complex pays the invoice, John will submit your Rebate. Different complexes pay at different rates & times – normally 90 to 120 days after move-in.

Complete the application and begin your apartment search today!

Avoid Losing Apartment Application Fees.

This service is no cost to you!

For a private and confidential conversation directly with John call (832) 303-3002


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My clients recognize me as a professional “criminal issues apartment specialist,” because, unlike most locators, I have handled hundreds of apartment searches for clients with criminal issues and have become proficient in this type of search.