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Are you having difficulty finding an apartment due to past or current criminal issues?

I am an experienced apartment locator that specializes in placing individuals with criminal issues.  I have developed a proven system that has helped hundreds find an apartment and a place to call home.

Unfortunately, most apartment complexes will gladly take your application fees, but you do not necessarily have a real chance of your application being accepted. I have developed a proven system, to include a database of properties by crime and time, exclusive to me, that has helped hundreds of people in Texas find apartments. My process helps to avoid losing apartment application fees and helps you find a place to call home.

  • Over 10 years of experience as an apartment locator in the State of Texas

  • Spent 7 years specializing placing people with criminal issues

  • Helped hundreds of people find apartments in the Lone Star State

  • Only locator in Texas experienced in placing people with criminal issues in the 4 largest metro areas of the State: Austin, DFW, Houston, and San Antonio

  • THERE IS NO FEE FOR THIS SERVICE; the apartments pay my fees

Complete the application and begin your apartment search today!

Avoid Losing Apartment Application Fees.

This service is no cost to you!

For a private and confidential conversation directly with John call (832) 303-3002. My clients recognize me as a professional “criminal issues apartment specialist”, because, unlike most locators, I have handled hundreds of apartment searches for clients with criminal issues and have become proficient in this type of search.


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